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Manyo Factory was established in 2012 in Seoul, South Korea and in just a few years the beauty products within this brand have become very popular, not only in Korea but also in other countries such as China, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, and USA and Russia. Created with love and passion Manyo Factory brings you the best natural skin care products which are made from the purest, cruelty-free ingredients to make your skin look luminous.

Our products consist of natural, organic, and botanical ingredients, they contain NO artificial colouring, fragrances, GMO’s, parabens, mineral oils and products of oil refining. Due to a hypoallergenic compound these skincare products do not cause harm to sensitive and even the most delicate skin prone to rashes, irritations and imperfections.

All Manyo Factory organic ingredients have been certified by Ecocert, German Certification, Soil Association and other international organizations. Also all Manyo Factory products have NEVER been TESTED ON ANIMALS.


The Korean word “MANYO” can be translated as “sorceress”. So the process is like creating a natural magical remedy, consisting of only natural, organic and botanical ingredients


Korean skincare brands play a massive role in shaping up the international beauty trends and industry. Lately more and more beauty bloggers, influencers, fashionistas and people who promote a healthy lifestyle prefer to choose Korean beauty brands. Not surprising as Koreans use unique ingredients that really work, effectively and quickly to improve skin condition and that can be rarely found in western cosmetic brand products.
According to Mintel global market research agency, South-Korean beauty industry goes through a phenomenal growth Due to this fact there is big competition on the Asian market, which is why manufacturers especially control safety, production and post production process as well as ingredients source. Skin care retailers have great prospects with the proper selection of the right product and brands.

Ladies all over the world will always be interested in how to look good and ways to preserve natural beauty for years to come. Why not to do this the Manyo Factory way?


Manyo Factory is the new generation cosmetic brand. Its product formulations consist of certified natural and organic ingredients, which are nontoxic and suitable for any skin type. Thoroughly selected high quality ingredients, unique formulations, established laboratory, dermatological tests and excellent treatment results have made the Manyo Factory range of products so popular within the beauty industry. You may easily compare this to Belarus cosmetics.


Inspired by personal experiences, we sell to you the Korean beauty products that we are confident with and have faith in.

We are delighted to offer you a partnership, reseller or sub distributor opportunities in United Kingdom and European Union.

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Bloomskincare Ltd ( 11008381 registration number) is official Manyo Factory distributor in UK.